Neighborhood Webmaster

Whispering Pines, NC 28327

About Us:

I am retired from the Department of Defense, where I spent 30 plus years working as a Systems Analyst.  During this time, I built websites and taught Object-Oriented Programming (OOP), HTML, Visual Basics for Applications (VBA) and mathematics.  I moved to Whispering Pines in April 2018 with my wife of 42 years and we decided to offer our skills to small businesses and non-profit organizations in the form of website development and maintenance.

My Wife is retired from the Virginia School System where she taught Business Technology, English and worked as the School Librarian for a Middle School in Triangle, Northern Virginia.  Currently my wife is a painter working mostly landscapes and serves as both my editor and graphic designer.

Often times small businesses and non-profit organizations lack the cash flow to spend thousands of dollars on building and maintaining a website.  I want to assist small businesses and nonprofit organizations as well as support our community. I believe small businesses are the backbone of our community.